Wildlife Wednesday: My New Best Friend

Bare roses last spring - the nest is in the upper-right corner of the trellis, under the eave of the house.

Bare roses last spring – the nest is in the upper-right corner of the trellis, under the eave of the house.

I take back every bad thing I ever said about English Sparrows…

While pruning the roses last spring, I noticed the messy beginnings of a nest tucked under the eave of the house.

“Ugh,” I thought. “Sparrows…”

In urban centers, they’re as ubiquitous as pigeons, and just as obnoxious. They crowd other birds off suburban feeders and out of bird houses.

In short, they’re a nuisance.

male sparrow

But they do have an up-side…

Robins eat bugs they pull from the ground – worms, grubs, etc. Swallows eat on the wing, devouring flies and mosquitoes…

English Sparrows eat Japanese Beetles. By. The. Dozen!

It’s a bad year for beetles this summer, and these guys are feasting. Their tame, trusting nature allows them to continue to feed even while I work through the garden.

So, please accept my apologies, little birds…you’re welcome in my garden anytime…

Note: The photos are old today – it’s still so steamy outside that the camera fogs-up every time I take it out.




34 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: My New Best Friend

  1. On behalf of all English sparrows your apologies are accepted 🙂
    I have been watching a family bring their young ones down to our pond – a pleasure to watch and as they are so light they can land and stay on plants so easily that they can go bug/insect hunting at will! A gardener’s friend (except when the eat my chard – note it’s MY chard)

  2. Anything that eats Japanese beetles is a good thing. I smiled when you mentioned your camera fogging up…mine is doing the same thing. Too hot and humid outside!

    • I can see that being a problem – the photo of the bird in this post came from my friend Karla’s place – he was waiting to grab the goat feed!
      Nice to know that SOMEWHERE in this country is beetle-free… 😀

  3. It’s good that you’ve found a positive side to sparrows. We don’t have Japanese beetles (at least I don’t think we do), but there is a gang of sparrows hanging around the feeders each winter keeping the other birds away. They’re loud and greedy, but their numbers are declining here so I can’t help but be pleased they choose our garden to hang out in.

  4. I don’t have those beetles, but I do have a good supply of snails that nobody seems interested in here… 😉 (They say snails eat the lava of slugs, so that must be the up-side in this case! LOL!)

  5. GO sparrows! Not that as a socalled Buddhist [a bad one as far as karma goes: I do eat some meat and actually love my white wine!] I should wish ill on any life form, but I would rather have the sparrows than the beetles 🙂 !

    • It’s that whole Circle of Life thing…everything has to eat! Being respectful of your food and where it came from is more important than arbitrary rules, in my book. The sparrows eat the beetles, and are happy and well-fed. We eat the green beans that the beetles didn’t get, and we are happy and well-fed…and the beetles fulfilled their destiny by being lunch 😉

  6. English sparrows or house sparrows are getting thin on the ground in England, where they once were everywhere just like you describe. Now I notice if I walk past a hedgerow and hear a small colony chirruping away and smile. So it is lovely to see your sparrow is in a happy place 🙂

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