What Have I Done NOW?

Rufus in the Car

Meet Rufus. He’s new around here…

My daughter adopted him last January. He’s a bit of an emotional animal…all the recent changes in his life were making his hair fall out – hair that had just grown back after his shelter experience. On Sunday night, he moved in with us.

He’s a Good Boy, but still a bit nervous, and our Sweet Cleo isn’t pleased to have him here. She wouldn’t mind so much, if he would just stop trying to play with her…she’s an old dog.

Anyway, I’ll be taking the next week off from Blogging while we integrate our newest family member…unless something really fun happens, that is!

Have a great week, everyone!


46 thoughts on “What Have I Done NOW?

  1. Rufus looks a very fine fellow indeed! Hope he soon learns his place in the family and everything settles down – especially for Cleo… there’s a time for playing and a lot more time when sleeping in the sun is the only thing to do.

  2. I like : it is my favorite dog !
    So, ten years ago I bought a money box like it and now when somebody put money in it, I say : oh sorry, he is a bad boy, he don’t say thank you…..
    Another story, my sister know I like sharepei and so for my birthday, I receive a postcard about him,a baby, and some days after I saw one on the “Champ de Mars” but only his head was with pleat, so I spoke with his maitress and she explained when they grow up, no pleats on the body : ok !…
    Welcome RUFUS !

  3. Oh MY GOD!! Marie! I was sitting here waiting for the picture to load and thinking well maybe that will work if he is small and cute and maybe not too fluffy. But What have you done NOW.. indeed!? I am laughing out loud. I hope someone is building a big dog house for him outside so everyone can have a nap time. and Cloe can have some time out on occassion. (Not to mention you!!) That is one big ugly (in a very gorgeous kind of way).. dog. I hope he is better behaved than Boo the corn stealer. Goodness me. He will love your long afternoon walks though. I am gobsmacked. Though I have absolute confidence in you managing. Of course.. c

    • You won’t believe this, c, but he HATES being outside! I put him on the dog run yesterday while the kids and I played outside (Cleo was inside, lounging in the AC) and in 20 minutes, he was crying to go back in! What a wimp…
      Right now, his only problem is Cleo. She’s old, half-blind, and cranky with him. He chases her. I can’t let the kids be around the two of them at the same time, lest one think they have to protect the babies from the other…Keep your fingers crossed – it’s going to be a long week…

      • Is he a youngish dog? You can probably train him to be in his run, with food, treats and playing close by. Maybe little periods in there often. And when your daughter gets home from work or early in the morning, she needs to take that dog for a LONG walk each day this will help with the harrassment of Cleo. Then you need to train him to go down and stay still whilst inside. But training a dog and two toddlers is quite a workload. Poor old Cleo. Shes going to be hiding in the laundry. It will settle down though, after a while. And when you and the children are out he will just have to get used to the run. I will look forward to an update in a week or so. I know you know this but there comes a point when you can say no, that is enough. And re-home the dog. Kids and calm in your home come first. I should not be giving you advice though, you know all this and so often we think alike so i am sure you have thought about all this already. Take care. c

        • He’s actually very good at staying in His Room for long unattended periods, but I really want for him to be able to come and go freely, without upsetting Cleo. We’re only on Day 3, and he gets to go to work with Sarah today (she works at a pet store) so everyone gets a break…Wish me luck – and lots of patience! 😀

          • I do wish you luck and lots of love .. and now i am going to send Loving thoughts to the Pet Store in the hope that they all adore him and want her to take him to work with her EVERY day.. that would be almost doable and after all it is her dog. Cooder knows how Cleo feels, he has bagdsed the front porch and woe betide any puppy who bothers him around there.. He even snaps and snarls at the cats now, like Cleo he cannot hear them until they are close then he only sees them as shadows and gets frights- that combined with the voices in his head it is obvious what he really needs is a nice peaceful sunny spot. So he makes very sure that is exactly what he gets! Thank goodness Sarah’s dog will lay quietly in his room, that at least is a bonus. Luck, luck love, love.. your friend celi

  4. What you have done is saved Rufus!!! Poor Cleo, I feel sorry for her but perhaps it will work out. I love the picture, he is sitting up so straight that he seems to be watching traffic. Take care of yourself and Cleo, too.

    • Sarah took the photo while they were stuck in construction traffic – she said the policeman who was directing was making all kinds of silly faces at him. 🙂
      He’s a good boy in plenty of ways, but he and Cleo are going to have to come to an understanding if this is going to work. I have to say, I’m a bit worried right now…

  5. Oh my goodness, look at him! We used to have a sharpei neighbor named Jake. He was one of my favorite dogs ever, such a sweetheart. Good luck with Rufus! I hope Angel and Nico love him.

    • Oh, the kids adore him! He was Niko’s dog first, but Sarah’s (soon-to-be) ex couldn’t keep him…I was hesitant to take him because Cleo is so old, and there are adjustment issues…but he’s great with the kids, and he listens when you tell him “NO!” so that puts him ahead of my late, lamented Husky in SO many ways…

    • When this one showed up as a stray, the shelter was SURE that someone would come for him, but no one ever did. He knows some basic commands, is totally housebroken, and has good house manners…and was going to starve himself to death in the shelter. Sarah took him home, got him settled…his coat grew back, and he was happy. THEN all the changes came, and he started to lose the hair and eat poorly again…
      I’m hoping that this works out…though the only thing this dog want to guard is his blanket 🙂

  6. Oh Marie, I can’t help but laugh, in the sense that I’m laughing with you and not at!
    Good luck my friend – two small kids, an older dog, a dog with issues, now what’s next……….

  7. Laughing loud: just arrived in haste from Celi’s, who as you know made your post a natural second-in-line!! No wonder you need a week off: Rufus looks just that tad sad and may indeed need some settling in – good luck with that . . . and it looks I’ll have another ‘new favourite’ to follow in the blogworld 🙂 !

    • Nah, Rufus ALWAYS looks like that…he loves some car rides!
      It isn’t going to be easy…Cleo doesn’t like male dogs, and Rufus scares her. She’s so old, I hated to bring him in to upset her life…but I couldn’t just leave him up there, either. Wish us luck!

      • Fingers, toes and all else bar eyes crossed : need those for working 🙂 ! If Cleo has one OK sleep and another and another: perhaps she will just give him a ‘go’!! Oh may ALL the members of the family come to believe ‘it’s alright’ 🙂 !

    • Can you see Max, train ticket tied around his neck, riding from Chicago to Providence, with a note – Please Look After This Dog (ala Paddington Bear)? 😀
      I turned-down the offer of a hyper spaniel that a friend of my husband’s has…Max would have been preferable to Tinker!

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