It’s August…

Going Picking

And we’re picking tons of produce…

Rufus and Cleo are still having Adjustment Issues, and Sarah’s schedule has shifted yet again…Next week, I should be back to regular blogging when things will settle a bit more. I miss ‘talking’ with all of you, and can’t wait to get back!


36 thoughts on “It’s August…

  1. What a difference a year makes! There’s a no-nonsense air about your Angel this year. No bonnets for her. There’s a crop to bring in! I hope you’re right and we see more of you in the weeks to come, Marie. You’ve ben missed.

  2. I agree with John…. Angel does have an air of confidence as she troops along with her pail. It’s a great photo!! I have missed your blog, too

  3. Love your helper! Yesterday we spread several yards of mulch and both grands helped. My granddaughter drove the John Deere yard tractor with a wagon behind and my grandson drove his power wheels with his wagon behind. They both helped a lot. Chores and helping around the house/garden/farm are a good thing – builds character. 🙂

    • She’ll be 4 in a couple of weeks…growing up so fast! School starts soon, so there’ll be more me-time then. I just wish my daughter’s schedule would settle, so we could have a better routine…But, hey – that’s Retail for ya’…

  4. As long as the ‘Adjustment Issues’ are slowly bringing forth, well, ‘adjustment’ 🙂 ? OK: Angel at least obviously has her ‘act’ together’!! God bless all!!!!

    • The dogs are making me crazy…they’re Good Dogs. Rufus likes all the other dogs he meets when he goes to work with my daughter. Cleo is friendly with the dogs she sees on the trail when she walks…but they Do. Not. Like. Each. Other… Right now, I’m just keeping them separated, and hoping they’ll adjust to each others’ smells. It’s exhausting…

      • Hmm? What if Rufus did not go to work with your daughter? Stayed at home some days every week: the same as Cleo? P’raps the two sets of brains would talk ‘logic’: better together than nuttin’ ?

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