Haul from 8-14-2013

The gardens are in overdrive…

I’ll be back next week for a look at the good, the bad and the downright disappointing.

I’ve missed you guys!


36 thoughts on “Bounty

  1. Miss you, too. I’m a little jealous since I don’t have much of a garden this year. That said, we have a ton of tomatoes on the few plants we popped in at the last minute so if they ever ripen, we’ll have a bumper crop. 🙂

  2. I’ll be over to grab a dew of those cuc’s.. I don’t even have enough for a salad let alone pickling! Looks like you are eating well at the very least! c

    • Spell-Check doesn’t think it’s a word, no matter how you spell it 🙂
      Oh – my daughter’s dog is NOT named after you, by the way…He has a Carlin-esque quality about him, with a dash of time-travel on the side 😉

  3. You have enough things going that I’m amazed you have enough time and strength to breathe, let alone blog. All understandable! Hugs to you and all of your human-and-other menagerie! I’m just back from the long road trip and glad to have a moment to sit and catch up, however quickly. Glad to find you here waiting for me, dear Marie!

    • Thanks, Kath – the roughest part for me is that I can’t seem to get a real routine established. It feels like I’m running in circles most of the time. Maybe when Angel goes back to school in September…

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