carrot, bolting

I’ve let the carrots go too long…

That’s never happened to me before with spring-planted carrots. Overwintered ones have bolted on me, but never summer carrots…

too-big beans

That’s only one of the overripe, over-grown things in my garden this year…

Beans? At least they can go in a pot of soup this winter…

cuke, also too big

The heirloom cucumbers can be seeded and saved for next year…

monster zucchini

There’s no hope for this monster. Maybe I’ll leave it there, just to see how big it will get. We could carve it like a pumpkin for Halloween…The other zucchini plants are still producing, so it’s no big deal if this one shuts down to focus on one squash.

I’ll tell you what happened to the actual pumpkins later in the week. It’s not pretty…

ripe tomatoes

At least the tomatoes aren’t going to waste!


37 thoughts on “Neglected

  1. Glad you’ve at least got tomatoes Marie… that zucchini might be good stuffed, but it would be interesting to see just how big it gets! I’m now curious about the pumpkins… Have a good week!

  2. But you have plenty of food, and that is the main thing. I have weeds as tall as i am in a few of my gardens.. i would show them to you if it would make you would feel better, at least you can SEE your plants! But don’t be disconsolate, you have TWO toddlers to manage and that in itself is a big job. And a wondrous one. My Mum once said to me. ‘We know you can keep a clean house, no need to prove that anymore. Now just be a Mum.’ As you know she was around for my first two babies before she died. Your daughters have no idea how lucky they are to have such an extraordinary grandmother to mother their children. Forget the bloody garden! Let it grow wild. Let yourself go wild too. Grab food wildly as you all lope past. You are doing a wonderful job. c

    • You’ll note that there are no photos of the asparagus bed – I gave up weeding it back in June šŸ™‚
      I’m not totally disappointed with the garden, not by a long shot. I don’t even feel bad when, at dinner time, I have to pull a bag of store-bought frozen peas out instead of something fresh – it just has to ‘do’ for this year. We’re muddling through, and even if we don’t love EVERY minute of it, we love most of them…
      Pictures in a few days of the Good Garden!

  3. Five years from now you’ll remember the fun you had with your two grands and not what grew or didn’t grow in your garden. So much of what happens in the garden is related to weather that we can only take the credit or blame for a small part of it. Enjoy the rest of your summer because we’ll be inside for the duration before you know it. šŸ™‚

  4. The tomatoes look great!! Super good, in fact!! It has been a hard year for the other veggies. Maybe next year will be better

  5. Awww.. I feel your pain. I have had a frustrating gardening season, too. The weather has been crazy and my plants don’t know what to do. I have cut the preflowering tops off my basil so they would get bigger. The only thing I have harvested is lettuce and peas so far. *shrug*

  6. I so agree with Celi: you cannot be in two, three or four places at once! So, there is next year! But I would look at the tromboncino sizes which Celia of Fig, Jam and Lime Cordial has grown and see how she has just used one about three times the size of your zucchini! Frozen a lot too šŸ™‚ !

      • Uhuh! [am laughing]. When I lived in the semi-tropics with a rather large garden to match, I grew some very weird and wonderful shapes of vegetables and fruits! Must find and send you a pic of one particular avocado I used for a table ‘decoration’ quite awhile: methinks it had looked at some male passing by and decided to copy its family jewels: biggest joke in the district: hmm šŸ™‚ !

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