Wildlife Wednesday: Getting Back in the Swing

Fawn 2013

This is not the only fawn I’ve seen this summer, just the first to stand still for a photo…

Going so soon?

A little later in the afternoon, a young doe walked through the same part of the yard. Angel asked, “What happened to her spots?” 😀

Two more weeks until school starts. But tomorrow, SOMEONE is having a birthday!


18 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Getting Back in the Swing

    • Here I thought I’d never have to say Hooray for School again! 🙂
      I have hope for Rufus, but he and Cleo still don’t trust each other…they’re ok as long as I’m with them, but the snarling starts if I leave. That’s better than last week, though..

  1. Happy birthday to Someone, is it Angel? or maybe Niko?
    I can’t believe you get to see those in your garden, that is amazing, we don’t have them here at all, I don’t think.

    • I don’t think you have any native deer or antelope, but I could be wrong…They’re kinda’ like your Kangaroos, in that people who don’t have them think they’re sweet…instead of just pretty pests 😉
      It was Angel’s birthday yesterday…she had a great day!

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