Misty Morning

The misty Autumn mornings have begun. Fog clings in the low places and along the water. The thermometer reads somewhere in the mid to upper 40’s, and the light breeze that comes at sunrise isn’t just chilly, but downright cold.

Ferns beginning to yellow

By mid-morning, the sun is warm and pleasant. The jacket that was a necessity at 8 am comes home at noon stuffed inside a backpack (we hope). In the laundry room shorts and even a tank top or two mingle with sweatpants and fleece overshirts; a very visible representation of a season in flux.


We’ve pulled out and tried on last year’s coat and snow pants, and handed-down whatΒ could beΒ useful to others. There are piles for donation, piles for mending, piles destined to become rags.

maple leaves

The sun rises later and sets earlier. The after-dinner walk up the road has been replaced with a few minutes of skywatching from the safety of the porch before hustling off for bath and bed, thenΒ a good night’s sleep tucked between warm sheets in a cozy room.

Autumn has arrived – season of hearth and home. A settling-down. A tucking-in.

Stained-glass leaf

Welcome back.


30 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Lovely post, though I was hoping or a shot of your laundry room and the piles for mending. We also have those transition clothes but on a much larger scale and in the late afternoon I can be found wandering the farm looking for the warmies I yanked off and hung on a fence when I got hot! Our trees are still green though and the grass is till growing like mad! But i am sure this week will see some changes..Have a lovely week yourself. Take care. c

  2. Beautiful post, Marie. Lovely words and gorgeous images. The transition clothes here are creating a lot of laundry, but I don’t mind. It’s nice to experience cooler weather after the heat of summer.

  3. Stunning photo’s today! Welcome back to you, glad the Munchins allowed you some blogging time πŸ™‚ Somebody stole our Spring today – we are all shivering in our summer clothes having packed away the winter woollies last week. Laura

    • Thanks, Laura! It was the first time I’d gotten out with the camera in weeks, and it turned out great…
      We never completely put away our woollies – the sea breeze can turn cool even in July – but there is a point where we pack up the swim suits. We’re past it…

  4. I wish I was where you are, we are getting hints of the summer to come, and none of us are happy. We are still getting the winter weather, gale force winds and heavy rain, as I write this right now. I love autumn it is my favourite time of the year, I hope you get out and take lots of photos of it where you are.

    • I hate it when winter won’t give up…it just makes everyone miserable. Hope you’ll get a bit of Gentle Spring before summer’s heat arrives…
      Autumn’s my favorite time of year, too…we’re planning on getting out to enjoy it πŸ™‚

  5. I love the fall colors in your photos. Every year about this time is when I miss the old elm tree and it’s bright yellow colors. A neighbor called it a “cathedral elm”. I’ve talked to the yard man about a putting in a new one. Hugs to everyone!!

  6. There is comfort galore in your photos and your descriptions . . . indoors ‘hibernation’ time approaching and you seem ready for it πŸ™‚ ! Absolutely superb first photo: love foogy scenes and have not had the pleasure to walk in such for the longest time . . .

  7. A lovely post, Marie, and that opening photo is a stunner. I noticed just yesterday that there was quite a bit more yellow on the trees that I’d seen in quite q while. Time to get to work on the flower beds.

  8. Beautiful what you’ve done with the light in your pictures, and your writing really gives a nice warm feeling… it almost makes me look forward to a cozy fall and winter! (but then I remember how I far prefer spring and summer!)

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