Wildlife Wednesday (on Friday): Over In The Meadow

The Back Field

Ok. I thought I’d be able to get this up on Wednesday, but suddenly it was mid-afternoon on Thursday and the photos weren’t even loaded…. Better late than never, though.

The back field is very meadow-like these days. Most of the area that was cleared last summer was just allowed to grow wild. On a sunny afternoon, it hums with activity.

One Bee



Hundreds of bees on thousands of wildflowers…

Does goldenrod smell like honey, or do the bees?


There were other winged creatures as well.


It was a lovely walk.


31 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday (on Friday): Over In The Meadow

  1. Goldenrod is a wonderful last minute feed for the bees. Though it is a weed I realyl should get some started down the back by the creek. Lovely shot. Hope you are doing ok with all your charges. Dogs and kids alike.. c

    • We’re well on our way to a regular routine…Makes me calmer 🙂
      The goldenrod is a draw, but the asters are just as loaded! There’s some milkweed in there, somewhere – once we get a frost, I’ll take the little ones back there to see the pods and help scatter the seeds…

  2. It was worth waiting until Friday for the wildlife Wednesday photos! I don’t grow goldenrod, but from the look of all the bees and butterflies on yours, it’s something to add to the garden.

    • Exactly! I wasn’t using that space for anything else, and the insects need to eat, too!
      We’ve probably got another month of real color – the leaves are just starting to turn – then the grass will stay green right through January. Of course, if the Almanac is right, we won’t see it – it’ll be under the snow 😦

  3. What a happy yellow picture! Lisa [OK: belongs to us!] is quite right in comparing the wattle [acacia] blossoms to what you have photographed . . . . and naturally, I also hope that all is well on the Angel, school, Niko, dogs front . . . a big hug across the ocean!

  4. How the wildflowers have taken over, Marie! Good to see so many bees among the flowers and to read that your household is settling down a bit. Sometimes I think you must have the patience of Job. 🙂

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