Doing the Mixer Dance

The slow part

Do you know about the Mixer Dance?

The Mixer Dance is what you do when you’re helping Grandmom make cookies, but can’t quite be trusted not to stick your fingers into the Kitchenaid while it’s running…

It starts out s-l-o-w…

The faster part

Then speeds-up when the mixer goes faster!


I was on the phone with my Dad recently (He reads the blog, but never comments), and he was saying, “Honey, you know I love your pictures, and I read and enjoy EVERYTHING you write…(pause)…but would you please do more of the kids?”

Stirring, too!

So, this is for my Dad, way out in the wilds of North Arkansas…two Kid-Posts in one week!


The rest of you will just have to suffer, I suppose, so PawPaw can get a good dose of his Great-Grandkids.

Don’t let the look on Angel’s face fool you – she’s the Queen of changing her expression just as the shutter snaps.


See? Isn’t that the Look of Love?

Yes, before you ask, they were both running around in underwear…Niko is starting to potty-train, and Angel is almost done with it (finally!), and No Pants is just easier some days…and Grandmom is all about Easier!


46 thoughts on “Doing the Mixer Dance

    • Thanks, Judy. It’s been an ordeal with Angel, owing at least partially to her early life before she came to live with us. Poor thing had no core muscle development, and at the age of two still lurched about like a beginning walker. Something seems to have ‘clicked’ in the last week, though, and she’s in Big Girl Undies, full time! 😀 Niko should be much easier – even if he IS a boy…

  1. I think Grandmom has the right idea – keep it easy and fun! I had to read back several posts as I thought there was only Angel…but I see now there are two!! More to love, more smiles, more laughter – truly what a home is meant to be!
    p.s. I raised two on my own, so I’m not disregarding difficult moments, but the smiles just wipe out the rest!

  2. Suffer? Hardly. PawPaw isn’t the only one to enjoy more pics of the kids and this is a good set, Marie. I’ve been known to dance, too, when freshly baked cookies are on the way. I’m wearing pants, though — usually. 😉

    • There may be unforeseen repercussions here… Niko asked in the middle of the day yesterday if he could take off his pants. When I asked why, he answered, “So I can have a Cool Party!”
      Ummmm…… 😉

  3. Might just need to try the mixer dance next time I’m making cookies – it looks like fun! Probably do it fully clothed though… it would take too much explaining if a neighbour called round.

  4. I sure go along with all of the above: When Angel and Niko appear it always begins my own day with a smile [their dancing and racing around in underpants is an optional extra 🙂 !], so give PawPaw lots more photos, please! [Hmm, I DO love the ‘Angel grin’!]

    • Oh, I’m so glad to hear that! I don’t want to be THAT Grandma, you know…the one who can’t talk about anything else 😉
      Going through my shots to write this shows exactly why I don’t do it more often…in most of them, the kids are just a blur…

  5. I’m a bit late adding my thoughts…. I’ll see you soon, I must pack sometime and I LOVE the dancing children!!! They are a hoot. You can tell Angel that Niko’s GG got her nails polished because I saw her nails are blue!! Mine are pink. See you soon!!

  6. I’m not suffering … bring it on. I have a 3yr old Great-Nephew who I babysit twice a week and he is also doing the “no pants and run quick” thing at the moment. Luckily it is summer so more often than not the dash is to the garden. Hmm, I also have some cute photo’s I’m saving for his 21st (evil laugh). Laura

  7. Life just moves and changes and grooves along, it IS all about the kids at the moment .. and the cookies and the knickers!.. have a gorgeous day.. good morning paw paw! c

    • That’s one thing that’s so much fun about having them with me – I have time now to teach things like this that I didn’t have when I was raising my own. They’re both better eaters than my kids, too 🙂

    • Niko’s mama (my middle child) was the one who would strip off her clothes and run through the house…neither of these two do that. My ex never got blamed for that…but the teachers always knew when Daddy dressed them for school 😉

  8. I’ve been missing out, I need to dance and bake! I have decorated a house in my undies – saved getting paint on my clothes (and it was HOT). These two just take baking to another level 🙂

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