Last Week…

First Frost 2013

The first frosts arrived…

Niko and Granny

Along with my Mom!

She had a great visit, and went home yesterday. Thanks, Granny!


29 thoughts on “Last Week…

  1. How wonderful to open your post to two scenes of happiness . . . such a lovely one of your Mom and Nico! Oh, wish I could post myself over ~ would rather have your frosts than my fires!!!

      • Marie: hate to have misspelt Niko’s name – mind not in gear . . . Even tho’ the fires will continue to burn for weeks unless rain arrives, the current fear of being evacuated and losing all one’s belongings is over for the time being. Was so lucky compared to last time 10 years ago : a 40 km blaze only arriving within 4 kms with wild windstorms now. . . Hairy!!

  2. Granny” is reading a story to Niko — and he couldn’t be happier. What a great shot, Marie! I’ve not gone outdoors early enough to see frost yet and if I ain’t seen it, it ain’t here. 😉

  3. Granny’s are great, I love the perspective of the first one, I hope you don’t get too many frosts. We are still getting winter weather, I know summer is going to hit like a tonne of bricks.

  4. Wonderful for your two babies to have such a hale, hearty and good looking great-gran to read and play and hopefully spread a little of the load for you. In my experience great grans are wonders at folding washing, pairing socks.. and wiping up tears.. have a lovely day .. c

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