Halloween At Our House

The Peckham's Pumpkin

Ok, more like, “Around Our Neighborhood”… This one’s about a mile away, on the road to Angel’s school.

Ten points if you can guess what it’s made from.

Pumpkin field

We’ll be carving our jack o’lanterns this afternoon. The pumpkins are all scooped-out and waiting for their faces to be added. Angel went elbow-deep to help get the ‘goo’ out, but Niko was horrified. When I lifted the lid off the first pumpkin, he RAN to the other side of the patio and refused to touch it…

I also got shot down when I tried to get them into their costumes for some photos, so that will have to wait until tomorrow…

Little Ray

This guy didn’t mind, though!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!


16 thoughts on “Halloween At Our House

  1. lol! I don’t blame, Niko. I’m not a fan of slimy stuff either, and after seeing the way some folks use the seeds and strings coming out of the mouth of a Jack O’Lantern, well, that’s just gross. It should be noted that I will clean out a pumpkin because as a Mom, that was almost a requirement and running to the other side of the room would not have set a good example. lol! Besides, I like fresh pumpkin for soups, etc.

    I can’t figure out what that pumpkin is made of. It reminds me of something, but I can’t drag out what from the recesses of my mind. It’s metal, I think. The green reminds me of Deere products, but they’re green and yellow, not green and orange. All I can come up with is a garden tractor of some kind.

    • Our Niko won’t touch a live lobster, either…totally unafraid of hurting himself (climbs ANYTHING), but won’t touch ‘icky’ things 🙂

      The pumpkin is made from an old mooring buoy…they also have a snowman for their tree farm 🙂

  2. I so miss having little ones around for Halloween!! I enjoyed watching their excitement, their fears, their laughter…and dressing them up so cute!! Funny how the “boy” runs from the yucky stuff and the “girl” digs right in!!! Happy Halloween!

  3. Niko”s running from the pumpkin wasn’t at all what I’d expected. I don’t think it will be much longer before things like pumpkin innards go from “icky” to “awesome”. Angel will teach him. I’ll teach him about lobster. 🙂

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