Trick or Treat!

Ready to go!

Little Red Riding Hood and Sheriff Woody had the time of their little lives last night.

With Uncle James at work

We started at 5, with the Visiting…First to Niko’s Paw Paw, then to Uncle James at work, then to see a friend at our favorite restaurant…

Neighborhood, here they come!

Then to the north end of the island (and a REAL neighborhood) to Trick-or-Treat!


The rain held off, the kids were good….

And Grandad had a roast chicken waiting when we got home! Thanks, Grandad!


40 thoughts on “Trick or Treat!

    • It was lots of fun. They got up on Friday morning asking each other, “What are you going to be NEXT Halloween?” 🙂
      Hubby’s roast chicken is always wonderful…even better when all I have to do is eat and clean up after!

  1. Oh my, what fun ‘work’ ~ was there really room and energy after all those treats for chicken or did gorgeous little bodies fall happy and tired into their beds . . . ?

  2. How fun is that?! They are both adorable and love grand dad’s grin from ear to ear, that is the best part. I see you finally got through on my website. I was delighted to see you. Take care and have a super weekend. BAM

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