Just a Dusting…

first snow

At 5 am yesterday, it was 52 degrees here at the house. It was dry and warm. The weathergirl on channel 10 was saying, “Don’t be fooled! You WILL want a coat today!”

At 8, when Angel went to school, it was 43, and raining…resulting in our first You Have To Put Your Hood Up argument this season.

At 9, it was snowing.


Light at first, then harder. Chilly, then cold, then colder…

Just a bit...

It ended by noon, leaving us with just the tiniest taste of What’s To Come in the next few months.

There’s something Magic about the First Snow…

Niko and SnowEven if it isn’t enough to build a Frosty, as the Little Man says.


47 thoughts on “Just a Dusting…

    • When my kids were in middle school, I had to leave for work before they went out to the bus…One day my elderly neighbor stopped by to tell me that there were plenty of warm coats at the church thrift store across the street, if I needed them for the girls…Turned out, he’d been watching them stand at the bus stop shivering (in the name of ‘cool’) rather than wear their brand-new, VERY warm coats…I was mortified.

  1. Niko’s not the only one waiting for enough snow to build a snowman… I didn’t make one last year, so I shall have to remedy that if we get snow this winter. (I’m convinced we’re going to have a mild winter here… just a hunch!)

  2. The absolute wonder and joy on Niko’s face …. you were an especially excellent photographer to catch that one!! Give him a hug for me, please.

  3. I can imagine the disappointment that there wasn’t enough for a snowman, but I am sure he will soon enough. So exciting. Our weather has been atrocious. So over it, I don’t want the hot weather, but I would like to see the sun again.

  4. We got our first “freeze” here last night (32 and dry.) A few sheets on the basil, the cactii on the dryer, and Bill and Elian inside and we were ready to weather the “winter storm.” πŸ˜‰

  5. Just raced here after Celi’s comment this morning ~ I am laughing and clapping about both Niko and Boo. One had never seen snow before and the other may not remember!! Meanwhile I feel like a properly spoilt brat ’cause we are all complaining that our today’s max will only be about 24 C [we have been metric for so many decades don’t ask me about F, but methinks it would be in the 70s: brr – not spring at all πŸ˜‰ !!] Lovely snow flurry photo from you!!!!!

  6. Now, I’m definitely not a fan of snow, but the first snow, when it frames the branches of trees and falls sweetly, is my favorite! And thanks to you for sharing, I can view this from my 80 degree weather!!

      • I’ve been wondering about that, too. The land is perfect for cross-country skiing, but I doubt we’ll get enough snow for it. We left our skis in Ohio, but I was thinking about picking them up sometime. Just in case and because ya never know. πŸ™‚

  7. Good shot of the snow sticking to the rhododendron.
    On Sunday we saw a little snow on the shoulders about 15 miles out of town (E.g.’s dad informed me that that spot is a relatively higher elevation), but so far nothing in town. One of the things I like about the maritimes is the more temperate weather.

    • Yeah, same here. The water’s still WAAAY warmer than average for this time of year, too…Which, under the right (wrong?) conditions can mean a ton of wet, heavy snow. Let’s just hope the cold air keeps coming across from the land-side, shall we?

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