Niko and Angel’s Sparkly Christmastime Adventure

Excited Children

Is there anything better than a Surprise Adventure at Christmastime?

Those two blurs – one blue, one neon-green with polka-dots – are the grandkids racing through the gate at Edaville, USA last night, just before sundown…

A small park in Carver, MA that’s built around antique trains and old amusement park rides, Edaville pulls out all the stops at Christmas…Grandad used to take his kids there every year when they were small. For the rest of us, it was a brand-new experience.

tiny Christmas villiage

It was C.O.L.D. cold last night (around 20F)…parts of the park are undergoing renovation…it’s a 45-minute drive…

And it was wonderful.


While the rest of us gawked and marveled, Grandad made a beeline for the train depot. We trailed behind like ducklings, Oooh-ing and Ahh-ing rather than quacking (although there may have been some residual quacking going on, due to theΒ 45 minutes of Raffi’s animal songs that played in the car on the way down…) and got in line for the first train ride of the evening.


As we waited on the platform for night to fall, the engineer stoked the coal-fired engine of the little train. Puff, puff, chug, chug… “Hey!” Niko exclaimed. “It’s just like Thomas!”

He also said it was “Kinda’ like Toy Story,” but I couldn’t get him to explain that one…

Then, it was dark, and time to board.

Inside the cars

We sat on the long benches inside the old cars, and waited for the fun to begin.

Kids on the Train

Don’t let those angelic smiles fool you – this would be the one-and-only shot they sat for the rest of the night!

With a blast from the whistle and a puff of steam, we were off….

Christmas Town

Through the tiny town…

Lake reflections

Around the glittering lake. All around, a Christmas Fairyland of Sparkle and Shine…


And the night had just begun…

More to come…soon!


32 thoughts on “Niko and Angel’s Sparkly Christmastime Adventure

  1. Looks like it was a great adventure, and Raffi rocks!
    Your photos are great as usual. The second one, though, arrested my attention with its reflection in the window, showing the two cousins as young adults enjoying a day in a State park.

  2. What a great adventure! The second image grabbed me, too, with the reflections, and the last one, face almost against the window, staring out intently. Beautiful. πŸ™‚

  3. Wow, even to get *one* photo of both sitting still at the same time–that’s an impressive feat! Especially, of course, when there’s so much twinkly, shiny wonder all around them. Who can blame them for being too busy gawking and adoring to sit around posing for portraits! So glad you had the chance to share this marvelous memory-maker with the two adorables. And thanks for sharing it with *us* too!

    • I seldom try to pose them – the phrase ‘Herding Cats’ comes to mind – but that’s for their Great Grandparents, as much as anything!
      Going to try this afternoon for a pajamas-at-the-fireplace shot – wish me luck!

  4. WHAT a delight! We have nothing like this where I live. Although, we do take a drive to see all the houses lite up but a train ride…………..priceless!

    That fireplace is stunning! You and FarGuy are amazingly talented people!
    ΒΈ.β€’*Β¨*β€’β™ͺβ™«β™«β™ͺMerry Christmas β™ͺβ™«β€’*Β¨*β€’.ΒΈΒΈβ™₯

  5. How absolutely delightful! I can almost feel them shiver not from cold but sheer excitement πŸ™‚ ! ‘Tis great that you have such a beautiful sparkly Christmas place to which to take the pair . . . yes, part two soon, please!!!!

  6. What fun and the 2 of them are the perfect age to enjoy the wonder of it all. Your mention of Raffi gave me a chuckle. Years ago, I wore a beard and the 2 kids of one of my employees saw me and thought I was Raffi. One was in tears when she learned I wasn’t him. I guess I could have sang a song as proof but then everyone would have cried.

    • They’re so funny when they get an idea like that, and simply refuse to let it go…Back when my girls were little, we came around the corner at the commissary, and nearly ran smack into a large man with a flowing white beard…The fact that he was dressed in motorcycle boots and a leather jacket did nothing to diminish the girls’ awe. Neither said a word until we were in the parking lot. Then Rachel (the oldest) blurted out, “But WHERE ARE HIS REINDEER?”

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