Angel and Niko’s Sparkly Christmastime Adventure, Part Two

Chugging around the bend

The little train chugged around the track, through a forest of old-fashioned Christmas lights…

carriage lights

No fancy, newfangled LED’s or computerized synchronization.

Around the lake

Just the warm glow of Childhood Magic.

Along the path

We left the train and wandered back out into the frigid night, working our way back towards the gate…

Musem and lawn

With a stop at this building to see a certain Fat Man in a Red Suit…

“Have you been good?” He asked Angel.

“I’ve been trying….” she answered.

“What would you like for Santa to bring you?”

“A train!” she replied in a loud stage-whisper.

“Ho, Ho, Ho!” the jolly old elf boomed. “You came to the right place, didn’t you?”

By now our tummies were rumbling, and our attention was waning. There was one stop left…


“Ohhhh, Grandmom! It’s so beautiful!” the little girl breathed…right before taking off at a dead run.


I couldn’t help but agree with her.

Sadly, that’s the last shot I got. My camera was being balky in the cold, and after this it just gave up…No pictures of them riding the carousel, just the practice shot. It’s a nice one, though…

So, to close:

The lights say it all

And from us, too!


28 thoughts on “Angel and Niko’s Sparkly Christmastime Adventure, Part Two

  1. What a fun time. I can only imagine all the squeals of delight. My grandkids have a train set that runs under their Christmas tree every year. There is even one car for each child with their birthdate. They love it, and the Christmas season wouldn’t be the same without the trains. Happy holidays to you and those two special grandkids. 🙂

  2. ‘Have you been good?’ . . . ‘I have been trying’ . . . What a wonderfully grownup answer, as that is all any of us can do in life!! Wonderful photos . . . and may your pre-Christmas run to schedule, tears and frustrations be limited and the Yule with all the family be a magical event ~ methinks Angel and Niko will make sure of that!! Thank you for the wonderful sends and Merry Christmas indeed!!!!!!!

  3. Omigosh, I’m getting all teary-eyed! Beautiful story, both the photos and the narration. If I were the bossy sort, I would urge you to print off two copies of your Sparkly Christmastime Adventure as keepsakes.

  4. Oh I LOVE carousels too, they are so grubby and worn out and deeply child like. the tinsel looks like gold in the night! great shots, esp that first one.. have a wonderful wild christmas day!.. c

    • Isn’t it wonderful when something as old-fashioned as a carousel still brings squeals of delight, even from a child of the Digital Age? Gives me hope for the future…Hope Christmas is kind to you this year, sweetie. I know it’s not your favorite time of the year…

  5. What a magical place, sounds perfect for small children. We don’t have anything like that here, little children would have to stay up way too late. Angel is turning into a beautiful little girl, love hearing what she thinks about things. Love, love what she said to Santa about being good.

  6. Oh what a wonderful Christmas time you are all having. I just love that Angel’s response “I’ve been trying….” brilliant!!
    Wishing you a very merry christmas Marie and a fabulous New Year, Claire x

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