Snow on the Gardens

Garden Urn

We woke this morning to a new snow. A bit more than predicted, but not enough to complain about…The temps are up around 20F now, and there’s no wind. I’m not complaining – after seeing what some of the rest of you are going through, I’ve got it pretty good…

Kitchen Garden in the snow

It won’t hang around long…our Roller-Coaster Winter continues, with predictions of 40-ish by Saturday. In the last seven days, we’ve had two days reach 50, and one night drop to 4. Such odd weather…


While it lasts, before it turns into well-travelled mud, it should be enjoyed.

There might even be enough for a sled ride or two!


Or at least a moment of peace…


25 thoughts on “Snow on the Gardens

  1. At least you don’t have to do any weeding today. And I like the fact that the snow has had chances to melt in between maelstroms.

  2. I love to photograph flowers (like your hydrangeas) full of snow, they just seem so optimistic really, so sure that they will get a chance to grow again, even when everything seems stuck in this deep cold, fancy you getting a few warm days.. that must be lovely.. take care.. c

  3. Lovely to hear from you – snow and all. and the hydrangea photo is a cracker, But my favourite has to be your veggie garden with its snow coat on and the metal frames – love that, and it reminds me I need more frames for the garden, the problem I have is corrosive sea air literally eating weaker stuff away. I’ll have to save up!

    • Trust me, I know all about salt air! I hope I haven’t doomed those tower supports by leaving them out all winter…normally they get pulled up and stored in the basement. There were lots of Autumn chores that didn’t happen last October…

  4. What beautiful pictures : the third is the best for me !
    In Paris, it is rain and rain every day….but no snow because it’s the autumn always……..odd weather, yes…………..
    What signified ISH ? (about 40 ish)
    Enjoy the peace which bring by snow always

    • Thank you, Florence – I’m glad you like the photos.
      “Ish” means ‘around’ or ‘approximate’…40-ish means that the temperature will be around the 40 degree mark – maybe more, maybe less…Does that help?

  5. It’s a beautiful snow you have there in your beautiful gardens, Marie. We got just enough, too. I hope you found some time to go sledding or at least to play. 🙂

  6. Absolutely beautiful snow photos especially since we are in the middle of a week of 100 F + days again!! Do hope you get a sleigh ride: remember loving them in my childhood: as long as there were sleighbells too 🙂 !!!

  7. Some years we have no snow in Bristol and even though it is so disruptive I do miss seeing it, so it is a real pleasure to see your photos and share your observations on your garden. I really love the hydrangea image !

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