Garden Dreaming: The Year of Herbs and Flowers

Current Garden

I’m tired of Winter.

I’m sure there are lots of other Northern Hemisphere folks who are even more tired of it than I am…

So, in that time-honored tradition of Gardeners Everywhere, I’m dreaming of – and even planning a little for –  Spring…

Johnny Jump-ups

We’re going to keep it simple this year, with more focus on herbs and flowers (as you might have guessed from the title)…In particular, things that grow easily from seed, and provide a multi-sensory experience: color, flavor, texture.


Nasturtiums, marigolds, and zinnias are a given. Snapdragons – every kiddo needs to have those in the garden! Maybe some hollyhocks. Definitely sunflowers…


Nigella? No problem there…I let last year’s seeds go wild. We’ll have them forever…

catmint and friend

We’ll try some new herbs. Fancy basils, chervil…anyone ever grow Angelica? I’ve always wanted to try it…


Thyme is a given…I’m sure they won’t all survive this bizarre winter.

The veggies will be pared-back a bit this year. We’ll still have pole beans, cucumbers, salad greens, and my beloved tomatoes. The pumpkin patch will go back to the spot where Angel and I grew them two years ago. No root veggies, no experiments this year. I need easy-to-grow and care for.

With any luck – and some cooperation from the Small People – that will allow time to work on some of the bigger hardscaping projects that were sidelined last year…

Angel's Zinnia

And make marvelous memories for kids and Grandmoms alike…

Got other suggestions for what we should try? What would you put into a Magical Children’s garden?


48 thoughts on “Garden Dreaming: The Year of Herbs and Flowers

  1. Morning darling. PEAS, I am sure you already have them on the list but the little people who visit my gardens make a bee line to the peas that they can pick and eat standing in the garden. i have one little boy who does the same with the beans. I love nasturtiums, I forgot to sow them last year and missed their cheerful faces and the flowers taste so good too..sometimes i look back at summer gardens and wonder whether anything will ever grow here again. This winter is making me feel hunched.. take care.. c

    • The peas have been so disappointing the last few years that I may give them a pass this spring…but it’s not planting time yet, so that could change.
      Going back through Past Summers for this post was balm for the soul – and I found some bulb kits at a discount store that we’re going to start growing soon, just to scratch the Planting Itch. And to occupy some small hands, too 🙂
      Everything ok over there? You seem to have been up Tweeting at Odd Hours…

    • The bee photo is catmint, which is related…and no, no kitties for these two. Grandad is adamantly against them. His mother had a Truly Evil feline when he was a small child who would hide and pounce on him…

  2. There are two children’s books that the kids and I loved to read together when they were younger – ‘Doing the garden’ and ‘Eddie’s garden’ both by Sarah Garland, have you seen them? There was a point I could pretty much recite both books from memory we read them so often! ‘Eddie’s garden’ especially encouraged them to get out there and try growing something to eat.

      • Honeysuckle, baby’s breath, a snowball bush, and some butterfly bush rounded out the most magical parts of my childhood garden. I believe they all take quite the time investment though…

        • Honeysuckle grows with wild abandon in the field, and I have a small butterfly bush – a $2 Walmart rescue – that anchors a corner of the house. No snowball bush, but other hydrangeas…but I’m glad you mentioned baby’s breath! I bought a pink one for some containers a few years ago, and it reseeded like crazy…should do that one again, if I can find it!

  3. Oh the johnny jump-ups! How does cosmos grow in your “corner?” They grow better than dandelions here and make excellent cut flowers. My daughter is digging up a big swath of yard between our old lemon tree and a new mulberry to make a garden for her and the baby. She has such a collection of seeds I swear she can start her own business. I can’t wait to see your garden in bloom.

  4. Your plans sound lovely and I’m very much enjoying all that colour after all the greyness & drizzle we’re having. Re plans for a magical children’s garden, I keep meaning to plant a rainbow with my daughter – mark out a bed with the arcs and plant each one with a bedding plant of the right colour.

    • Bit of an illusion – I was lying on my belly to take that shot! But here, they grow all summer, rather than spring/fall like in places where it gets really hot. I just let them reseed, and pop up where they want… 🙂

  5. Love dreaming and planning – I should put that on my CV!!
    Hmmmm flowers and herbs…… you’ve mentioned favourites of mine, plus I saw Cosmos given a shout but what are Johnny Jump Ups when they’re at home? How about daisy family, asters are easy for us here, sweet peas, ……
    One of my plans is for more flowers this year, I’d like to create a patch on my allotment for picking flowers….. I say like and plan ….. you know how loosely those words go together don’t you!
    If I have any other bright ideas I’ll share them!
    Sweet dreams

  6. Good to dream of summer and all those pretty herbs and flowers – I’m planning on more herbs this year too and am also going to try angelica. How about forget-me-nots? 😀

  7. Thank you for your explication about degree, but my dictionary says nothing about……..
    Good idea for the garden : ti is so pleasant to have flowers in the house also !
    Do you know : giroflées in French : it is yellow and orange, brown, with a very good smell. When I visited my grandmother, I always went in the garden to smell them….
    Yesterday, ti was a day of spring here with the sun !

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