Valentine’s Is For the Birds!

gifts for the birds

While I’m quite sure that we’ve all uttered something similar about the Hearts and Cupids Holiday, this time I mean it literally…

Angel threading cherrios

We’ve always been a Bird Feeding Household, going back to (at least) my paternal grandmother, and I was in need of a simple project to occupy the Small People on a recent Too Cold to Go Out day.

little hands, hard at work

Cheerio’s, chenille stems (I still call them by the very un-PC name of Pipe Cleaners, even though there’s no way my dad ever would have cleaned his pipe with these fuzzy things!) and some ribbon…A little Fine Motor practice, and a bit of snacking…

Proud of herself!

Ok, more than ‘a bit’ of snacking…

And before we knew it, an hour had passed, and we had a small pile of treats for our feathered friends!

heart's a-hangin'

We hung them (several days later) on a bare shrub outside Angel’s bathroom window…then waited for the show.

Waiting for us to leave

This guy was just waiting for us to get out of his way!


25 thoughts on “Valentine’s Is For the Birds!

  1. You’re right, “chenille” sounds much nicer than “pipe cleaner.” Does Angel know that chenille is the French word for caterpillar?

    • Niko wanted to make more of them yesterday…I said “No, but we could string beads and make a bracelet for Mommy…” He wailed, “NOOOO! Cheerios!” as Angel said “Beads? We have BEADS?!”
      Beads won. 🙂

  2. If there’s a version of pipecleaners that wouldn’t be tempting to the kids to eat, I would think these ideal kidlet treats, too! But what a pretty and much-appreciated-by-birds idea as it is! 😀

    • Thanks, Sara – and welcome! I’ve been reading your blog for years – think I found you on Linda Brown’s originally – but Blogger won’t usually let me leave comments…You were the first one I thought of when Celi had to bring that lamb inside 🙂

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