What a Week….

snow, not sky

It started last Sunday with a birthday, a big football game, and a Grandad getting on an airplane for France…

No problem. Grandad goes to France a lot.

Sunday night – right in the middle of said football game – Rufus got sick.

Like, desperately sick…outside every 15 minutes sick…and this dog HATES Outside.

purple finch

Monday, it snowed 5 inches.

A neighbor plowed us out…not bad for a first-timer, but not as good as Hubby would have done. 20+ years of experience counts for something…

Dog still sick. Now REALLY doesn’t want to go outside with all this Stuff falling on him…

Tuesday is groceries, trash day, and Delivery Day for Niko’s Big Boy Bed – more on that later this week! Move Niko’s things into his new, all-by-himself Big Boy Room…

Dog a little better, but not 100%.

Morning snow

On Wednesday, it snowed.

And rained.

And sleeted…


No school for Angel. Too ugly to play outside. Neighbor did his best with the plow, but still tons of ice on the road and in the driveway.

Dog much better…and, strangely, beginning to enjoy being Outside…


Female Finch on Feeder

Thursday. Bright sun, glittering ice everywhere. Dog has discovered Running Through Birds (what a great game! Why didn’t I think of this before?) and now wants to go out every few minutes, despite being Back To Normal.

Grandmom exhausted. Wants hot bath.

chomp, chomp

Friday. My house has teeth. The Wet + Extreme Cold has burst the wooden gutters. Just splintered them in the middle.

Add to spring projects list. Move on to chopping the driveway ice with a shovel. Build a sled run for the kiddoes. Angel gets dumped off the sled, says she’s done. Wants to go back inside…

holly ice

Saturday, Sunday… A change in the air. Not the weather; it’s still frozen. The Grandkids. No fights. No fits. No time-out’s… Two rooms of toys, more space for adventure. No playing at the dinner table…

Hmmm…I like this…

Even the dusting of New Snow can’t dampen my spirits this morning – Grandad is on the way HOME!


30 thoughts on “What a Week….

  1. Wow, what a week, hubby picked a great week to go away, LOL, Well you made it through it, and I am sure it will all be good soon. The photos are great, took me a minute to work out what the teeth on the house were, haha. Not something we ever see here, if a puddle freezes over slightly in the middle of winter it is exciting stuff for us.

  2. What a week indeed! The no-fight ending was my favorite part of the story. I know the snow is terribly inconvenient but it sure is pretty. Hope next week is easier.

    • Not vomiting, C…the OTHER kind of sick. 😦
      Sarah gave him a bone as a treat, to occupy him during Niko’s birthday party, and it gave him awful problems. A couple of days of eating mashed sweet potatoes put him back in-order, but it was a bit scary for a day or so…

  3. How is it, that every time ones husband goes away, it snows like it’s never snowed before? This happens to me all the time! But I don’t have small children to entertain, too–you did good to get through the week!

  4. Now that was a week! Glad to read Rufus is doing better. With so much going on and Granddad gone, the last thing you needed was a sick dog. I’ve been there with a sick dog, having to walk him again and again. Later carrying buckets of water to clean up after him. Now, when it happens, i order Chinese food with plenty of extra rice. I mix that into Max’s food and it seems to help. Well, at least I haven’t been a one man bucket brigade for some time. Welcome home, Granddad and I can’t wait to see Niko’s new bed and room.

    • I’ve said it before, but last week proved it – Rufus is the Best Dog Ever…sick as he was, he never “let it go” in the house. I still can’t believe someone just abandoned that animal! Rice didn’t do the trick this time – that’s what I’ve always done for Cleo – but a can of sweet potato puree fixed him right up! Learn something new every day…

      • Thank you for the tip about sweet potato puree. One can never have too many tricks in the bag. It is a shame that someone abandoned Rufus but it’s never been more true to say that “Their loss is your gain.” 🙂

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