The Big Boy Room

waiting at the door

Hi Everybody! It’s me, Niko!

Grandmom’s still really tired from last week. It was – what did she call it? May-something…May…Ham? Maybe that’s what she said, but I don’t think we had ham for dinner… Anyway, she’s wore-out, and she said I should tell everyone about my New Room myself…’Specially so my Granny out in Oklahoma can see it, too…

She says that if Miz Linda’s dogs can help her out every Friday, I can help too…

So, last Tuesday, this big white truck rolled up into our driveway, and the two guys and the lady in it brought me a new bed! That’s a picture of me waiting for them to come inside with it – Grandmom calls that my Excited Face.

books and bed and boy

They put it together in Uncle James’ old room – Mommy and Grandmom had been cleaning it out for me for more than a week. My Rufus-Dog wanted to go inside the room every time he came down stairs, but I would stand in the doorway and tell him , “No, Rufus! That’s not my room YET!” and make him go out. He can come inside it now…he likes that.

After the guys and the lady left, Grandmom put my sheets and blanket on the new bed. My mommy was at work, so my cousin and I had to promise to Be Good so that Grandmom could go upstairs to Mommy’s room and get some of my books and toys.

The books had to come first. They’re IMPORTANT.


Grandmom hung up the curtains and put my new rug on the floor – it’s a great rug for dancing-on, in case you were wondering. That’s what I did first, anyway… Then she brought some of my toys down, so Angel and I could play in my room…

MY room. I like saying that, so I say it a lot. MY room. My ROOM. MY ROOM!

The Reading Couch

Want to know the best thing about my room? I have the best place to read – a little couch that’s all for me! My grownups can read to me, and there’s room for everyone. Or I can pile up the books and read them to my Best Buddies, all by myself!

I love my new room so much! Grandmom was a little worried that I’d have trouble sleeping in there all alone, because my old bed was in Mommy’s room and I was used to having her close by…

She shouldn’t have worried at all! After all, I AM three years old, now!

The Big Boy Bed

As long as I’ve got my books – and my Puppies! – I can do anything!


30 thoughts on “The Big Boy Room

  1. Well done Niko, and thank you for showing us your beautiful new room with your bed and toys.
    Laura from South Africa (ask GranDad or Grandmom to show you where that is on a world map 🙂 )

    • He was kinda’ like, “oh…” when I showed him the map…I think at three, distances don’t mean much – they still don’t understand that when Grandad goes to France, he’s not just a car-ride away! 🙂
      As they get older, having good Blog Friends from all over the world will be an excellent teaching tool, though! Thanks, Laura…

  2. Congratulations on your new room, Niko! It looks nice and big and sunny. I bet the Puppies will sit on the couch and chat while they’re guarding you at night.

  3. Niko….. This is your Oklahoma Granny to tell you how I am SO proud of you!!! I love that you can read in your own room. If you need more books, let me know!!! I love sending books. I love you Niko.

  4. Hi Niko ~ I just had to pop in from my holidays to say a big ‘thank you’ for showing us your new room! I love the look of your new, wide, soft, comfy bed! You are going to have wonderful dreams sleeping in that one. And I do like your little sofa. I am so glad you love books [I do too!] – and you already have lots of them, don’t you!! Perhaps later on I can find you one of our koalas and kangaroos and send it over!! Meanwhile I do hope Grandma has gotten over the may-ham – I know just what she means 🙂 ! Big hug, big boy!!

  5. Great post, Niko! That’s a big room you’ve got there, just right for a big boy. I hope you and your cousin are still being good for Grandma. Maybe you should read her a story … 🙂

  6. Wow! What an amazing room for an amazing little guy. And you sure have the part about books being important right – read on!

    Oh, and I adore your bedspread, could you ask your Grandmom where she got it. I know a little 5 year old who would like to have one just like it. 🙂

    • Books are the Whole World around here…Do your boys have Don’t Push the Button? They’d love it!
      The bedspread came from the fancy French department store – Target. Sarah’s wanted that one for him since he was born, and they put it on sale last week. Perfect timing! There are sheets to match, too 🙂

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