Something Shifted

Winter Herbs

Once again, We’re covered in this.

(Another 8 inches, or so)

Breaking Trail

It’s been a long slog this winter…

And yet…

Ice and water

It seems to be shifting…moving away from the dry, deep cold towards the damp, bright chill of a new season.

Wishful thinking?

Maybe. But I’ll take it…


…one melting, glistening drop at a time.


24 thoughts on “Something Shifted

  1. Happily you have an strong spirit….so, I profit to say you about giroflées : they have to be planted when you have 15°Celcius (sorry, you have to convert) to do a border. They will be 6 months after, and the next year you have to do nothing, they will be here again : that is a miracle of lady nature !

    • Thanks, Florence. I have the seeds sitting here on my desk, and have looked up the planting instructions – in English, they’re called Wallflowers or Stock. Will take pictures when we have them in the ground and growing!

  2. Oh I tried so hard to get exactly that drop image the other day.. yours is great! We have more snow too.. sigh.. but sun now, bright bright sun..maybe there is a wee change coming, i hope so.. c

    • As usual, that’s a Take 40 pictures, Get one Good Shot series…thank goodness for digital! 🙂
      A little more snow again yesterday, but it really is beginning to feel different…and the moisture will be welcome once spring really arrives…
      Hang in there, Hon! We’ll make it through!

  3. Last night I dreamed of the smell of the thawing earth; today we are expecting another 6-8 inches of not-so-thawed precip.
    But pitchers and catchers have reported to Spring Training so all is on its way to well!

    • But no more trips to the ER and baby-faced doctors, right? That must have been awful…and he should be shot for trying to send you to the City in those conditions!
      We only got a couple of inches yesterday, and then rain. One of the perks of being on the coast…
      I almost added the Pitchers and Catchers at the bottom of the post – hope begins, as Hubby always says! 🙂

  4. I agree, Marie, and we got another 7 inches of snow yesterday, too. Still, even when our temps were below 0 last week, the sun was strong enough to melt snow. Old Man Winter may not like it but he’s being moved on.

    • Isn’t it amazing what a difference the sunshine makes? We had 15 degree air temps last week, but sunshine strong enough to melt the snow off the pavement…
      And when I looked out the back door last night at 6:15, the horizon was still pink! THAT made me smile!

  5. Hope you get something more like spring very soon – it sounds to have been a long and cold winter for you. We’ve had so much rain, but no snow (yet…) It does feel like things are heading towards a new season with the longer days though.

  6. We have three feet of snow on the ground and drifts that all taller than I am. The only thing the sun seems to have done while we were on holiday is create huge icicles and ice dams…neither very welcomed. Let’s all think green.

  7. Spring. Yes, please. You can start, I don’t mind. Spring can radiate outward from Rhode Island, but someone’s got to get the ball rolling. As in baseball, not snowball.

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