A New Neighbor

something's Different...

Ah…the good, old Front View…

Is that a person standing down by the apple tree?

Let’s get a bit closer.

Howdy, neighbor!

Well, hi there! When did you arrive? Did you come in with the storm Saturday night?

What’s that?

Speak up – can’t hear you….

The Silent Type



Grandad, Angel and Dog

I should have known this crew was up to something…

Special Note To Whomever Is In Charge Of The Weather:

The kids have been sledding.

They have had days off from school.

Now, they have finally gotten to build a snowman.

We’re done with this stuff now, right?



29 thoughts on “A New Neighbor

  1. Love your snowman, but I’m hoping it is over because we all need a break. We’re living in tunnels and snow banks that are 7′ high. And, when it comes down off the barn roof we’ll be digging out for hours if not days. Bring on the sun and the warmer temps so you and I can get our hands dirty. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The snowman is great. My adult children made two snowmen and a snow dog when they were visiting over Christmas. Each morning I look out the window, and am waiting for them to fall apart, but so far they are still standing.

  3. Maybe the reason your snowman didn’t have a mouth is because he would be frowningโ€ฆ.enough snow, PLEASE. I don’t know where we can put anyone here in New Hampshire.

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