How We Spent Our February Break

Late Afternoon, Back Porch

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Is it raining again?

The snow is melting off the roof?

Someone left a faucet running?

I wish.

That dripping sound? Noses. Every. Nose. In. The. House….Plus coughing, sneezing, fevers…Nasty.

So rather than having fun adventures during the week-long school break, we did a lot of this:

9:30 am, back to sleep

Poor kids. All on the mend now…and back in school. The Adventures will wait.



28 thoughts on “How We Spent Our February Break

  1. What can one say? Sorry this scenario came about – truly hoping everyone almost back to usual ‘naughtiness’ whatever form that may take!!

  2. Ah, you bring back to many memories of when my own were little ones…..seems to me I have a dozen vacation memories in a row with fevers, wheezing and/or the pukes…..Thanks for the reminiscence! Hope that everyone is well now.

  3. Sorry to read that you all weren’t well. Marie. That’s hardly the way to spend a break. I hope that means that you’re all “protected” now and won’t have to worry about another bout for at least all of Spring and well into Summer.

  4. Goodness, Marie, I must send a million (safely long-distance) hugs to y’all. Be well; stay well! The drip-drip-drip *here* today is our latest little ice storm, this afternoon on the heels of yesterday’s 75 degree fake-spring. Whaaaaaaa???? It took us twice the normal time to get back home from Dallas today, and we thought ourselves lucky at that. Now I think we’re luckier yet, ’cause we ain’t got the snots like you poor folk. So I say again, good health to your household, my darling.

    • With another snowstorm breathing down our necks, I actually took a peek at the Ft. Worth forecast over the last few days…imagine my surprise when I saw that WE were warmer than You on Sunday! Nasty thing, ice storms…glad you and Richard made it home safe in that junk.

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