Getting Through It

Magic Dirt

And by “it”, I mean The Winter That Will Not End…

The one thing Grandmom had in mind for Vacation Week that actually came to pass was to plant some bulbs. These little kits were on clearance at a local shop, and made for a fun way to spend part of a sniffly, drippy day. For a couple of bucks, we got pots, bulbs (paperwhites for Angel, hyacinth for Niko) and Magic Dirt. Just add water, stir….and….


Presto! That little cookie-thing turns into just the right amount of soil to fill the pot!

Planted, potted, watered. Perfect for a couple of little ones who didn’t feel well, but were bored just sitting around…

One Week

A week later we had this. There are tiny buds on the paperwhites…

tiny bit of green

And a tiny green tip on Niko’s hyacinth.

They’re so proud.


31 thoughts on “Getting Through It

  1. Well, I am about to go to bed with a huge grin on my face: these look just lovely! Angel must be standing in front of her pot and loving the bulbs to bits for them to grow so well for her πŸ™‚ ! On the other side of the coin our news tonight had about 5 minutes on the ‘new’ storm pounding your neck of the woods again . . . would not like driving on those roads! Yes, about time it all was over!!!

  2. Angel’s paperwhites are off to a good start! What colour will Niko’s hyacinths be? When they bloom, his nose will be all unstuffed again so he can smell them.

  3. What a fun little project to remind everyone that even in the dead of winter there is growth and warmth and flowers just lurking beneath the soil (magical cookie shaped soil or not). πŸ™‚

  4. What a treat and thank goodness they are GROWING! Do the children grow sprouts as well, to eat? Anyway poor Grandmom in the winter that never ends.. I hope we do get some spring. I mean, it Will come – won’t it? c

  5. Of course, they’re proud, Grandma! They’ve got your blood, the blood of a gardener, in their veins. As you are very well aware, this is just the beginning. πŸ™‚

  6. It really worries me when you say the winter that won’t end, does that mean we are going to be in for a long cold one? Our summer peaked with our heat wave and then packed its bags and hasn’t returned. No idea what is going on.
    Those bulb things look like a great idea, and something they can watch as the plants grow, great idea.

    • Ahh, who knows? I think the more science SAYS they understand about the weather, the less they actually know. Your heat wave was more than enough…
      Cooler weather isn’t so bad, but I’m D.O.N.E. with this deep cold…

  7. That’s such a great idea for kiddies – they are so cute with their pots! Hope you’ll show us the flowers when they bloom, with the children too of course! πŸ˜€

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