Another Big Day for a Little Man

TWO backpacks by the door!

Yup. Not one, but TWO backpacks at the front door…

TWO kids, off to SCHOOL!

And TWO grandkids, ready for school!

(Yes, the Silly Face Photo Days have begun for Angel. Heaven help us.)

Putting his things in his cubby

All year long, Niko has cried and begged to go to school with his cousin. We drop her off in the mornings, and he cries. We pick her up when school is over, and he drops to floor and wails, “But I want to go TOOOOO!”

As of Tuesday, he can.

He has his own cubby where he can leave his things…

School Toys!

And lots of fun new toys…and friends…

Bye, Mom!

A quick smooch for Mommy, and a smile and a wave, and he’s off on a new adventure!

Happy Schoolboy

Afterwards, he said it was “SO COOL!”

Let’s hope he wants to go backΒ today πŸ™‚


34 thoughts on “Another Big Day for a Little Man

  1. I remember those days, so excited to go to school, they seem to disappear too soon and then next thing you know they are university. How exciting for him, I can feel the joy there.

  2. Niko looked VERY ready ~ with his attitudes I can’t see him ‘giving in’ and by Day 4-5-6 It will become a pattern! Darling grandmother, you will have time to work according to your own dicates for a few hours every day πŸ˜‰ ! Glory be!!!!

  3. Already? It hardly seems that long ago, Marie, when you introduced him to us. Whatever will you do with all of your spare time? (Said while ducking for cover.) πŸ™‚

      • Going well! The energy of the second trimester is in the rearview but yoga is keeping the discomfort at bay still πŸ™‚ almost to the start of “any day during the next six weeks…” and amazed that I can be even more excited than I already was!

          • It’s unbelievable. If I don’t go at least twice a week, my buddy gets GRUMPY. And I’m so grateful that where I’m delivering offers it three times a week, price included in the “you’re having a baby here” fee…which also covers post-natal yoga for a year, parent-baby and parent-toddler stuff for two years, and so much in terms of classes. I really wonder if I’d like being pregnant as much as I do if I didn’t have this option full of so much support and education.

    • I don’t think we have a single snapshot of my brother from the age of 4 to about 24 where he’s not making some goofy face or throwing rabbit ears on the person next to him…I’m hoping she gets over it quicker than he did πŸ™‚

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