Birthdays Are Awesome, Even For A Grandmom


Everyone should get a birthday cake. A cake designed by a four-year-old is something TRULY special, though.

We have a delightful little bakery on the island, run by a Frenchman and his American wife. We’ve been ordering cakes from them for the last few years – I can bake, but I’m not great at decorating, so I pass on that job.

Grandad and Angel went to see the baker a week before my birthday. She had some very specific ideas about what my cake should look like.

“It has to be a carrot cake. It should have red frosting roses, and little frosting carrots. It should say ‘Happy Birthday Grandmom.’ And, it has to have….



God Bless him, he did it.

Wish I had been there to see his face when she asked!


31 thoughts on “Birthdays Are Awesome, Even For A Grandmom

  1. I laughed when I recognized spiderman on there! You’re lucky to have such a delicious looking cake, and children always bring so much magic into celebrations….. (in between mess making).
    Have a great birthday!

  2. You will remember that one forever Grandmom!! And a very happy belated birthday to you – may there be a grand year to follow!!! Children’s imagination: roses, carrots and Spiderman!!!!!! Where did we lose ours I wonder????

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