Easter Greetings!

Awesome Easter

Hope your Easter is as cool as ours!

(The Bunny ALWAYS brings sun glasses…)


29 thoughts on “Easter Greetings!

  1. Love this! It’s such a fun (and, yes, very COOL) image. Sunglasses are a fab idea. Happy Easter, Marie, to you and your family! I hope the bunny was good to you, too. πŸ˜€

  2. Hope it has been a great holiday period! Those two of yours are getting to be very, very good at giving us exciting pics πŸ™‚ ! Another keeper photo!!!!!!

      • Easter was great, with lots of fun and typically bombastic music (not least of all because there was a brass ensemble of Dallas Symphony players to help out)β€”at all 4 of the services I attended (!), especially the 3 R conducted. But the highlight of the weekend, to my surprise, was the Good Friday service. The whole choir outdid themselves, the pastor was a truly gifted speaker who knew exactly how far to go so that you really *got* the history, mystery, trauma and drama of the occasion without it getting cheesy or creepy, and the literature R had chosen along with the organist’s playing made the whole service pretty awe-inspiring in ways I’ve seldom experienced. Now we’re back in the end-of-year school performance groove, with tonight being the annual Grand Chorus extravaganza that combines the UNT Symphony Orch with the 3 mixed choirs, soloists, etc. It’ll be live-streamed, of course. R prepped his choir and did a rehearsal or 2 with the full G Chorus, but won’t conduct tonight, so I’ll actually get to sit with him, maybe!

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