Broken Wings and a Dog Named Lazarus, or, Where Did April Go?


The end of April? Already? Where did the moth go?

Oh wait. I actually do know the answer to that…

The first week of the month got eaten by a stomach bug. Angel was first, then the rest of us fell to it, one by one… Naturally, this coincided with the first week of Niko’s Mommy’s New Job.


New job, new schedule – adjustments all around. It was a good move for her, but having Mommy work until 9:30 two nights a week has been a little tough on The Boy. We’re four weeks in now, and things are smoothing out…

more jellies

No sooner had we Banished the Bug, but Angel had a ‘riding accident’ and broke her collar-bone.

She ‘rode’ one of her big stuffed animals off the side of the bed, landing on her shoulder on the hard floor…no need for a cast, the doctor said. Just don’t let her bump it for 21 days…

Have you ever had to keep a 4-year-old from running and jumping for three solid weeks? The first few days, the pain was enough. About Day Six, it felt better. “Angel, don’t bounce. Slow down. DO NOT walk across the BED!”

Just put that on Repeat, and you’ll have the soundtrack of our lives for the last 15 days or so. But, we made it through. She’ll be riding her bike again as soon as she gets home from school!

(Thank goodness it was her, rather than Niko…I think we would have had to sedate him to get him through!)


And Lazarus-Dog? That would be our Sweet Cleo…

Cleo is – we think – 15 years old. She has a heart condition and is blind in one eye. Her hearing may be going…Either that, or she’s taken to ignoring me more than in past years. Despite all of this, she’s a happy critter, who walks with Grandad every morning, eats heartily, and trails the kids around the house and yard, an ever-present guardian.

Last Wednesday she refused to get up for her walk. Turned up her nose at food. Lay in one spot in the house all day and refused to move…Her breathing was labored – a sign that her heart might be the culprit.

“Well,” we thought, “maybe this is it…”

We watched her for signs of pain, and debated when to call the Vet. We spoke to her each time we passed, stooping to stroke her long ears…each time, she would thump her tail a bit and make that silly ‘smiling’ face that Golden Retrievers are so good at. At bedtime I gave her the steak scraps from the kid’s plates….

And she gobbled them down.

And wanted more.

By morning she was up and around, moving a bit slower than usual.

By Friday afternoon, it was Business As Usual.

Niko and Cleo at Easter

She may outlive us all…

The photos were from our trip to Mystic Aquarium…Niko ‘sort of’ liked it, and Angel was bored….we’ll stick to the Zoo for a while…


28 thoughts on “Broken Wings and a Dog Named Lazarus, or, Where Did April Go?

  1. Welcome back, missed your posts! I was wondering if the whole family had sneaked off to France πŸ™‚ Glad both Angel and Chloe are on the mend. Look after yourself. Laura

  2. What a month… I hope May is less eventful for you, or maybe more eventful, but in much better ways. Good to hear that Angel and Cleo are getting back to normal after injuries and illness.

    • Honestly, Judy – it was like talking to a bored teenager: “Oooh, Honey LOOK! Clown fish, like Nemo!”
      “Yeah. I SAW them…” as she walked away to the next tank…and the next…and so on. Didn’t even like the Beluga whales!

  3. I thought the silence was longer than usual! Well, most adversities that could happen seemingly did! OK: a few ticks!! Wretched tummy bug finished, collarbone hopefully healing [any lesson learnt?], one dog saying ‘I’m still here’ and a new time pattern getting established!! And I thought my April has run away with me!!!!!!!!!! Big hug, Grandmother – methinks you need lots . . .

  4. What a month, Marie! Incredible how quickly a child’s bones will mend. I’d be in bed for 2 months, at least. So relieved that Cleo’s tale ended happily. She knows she’s got it good. Heaven can wait. πŸ™‚
    Wonderful photo of Niko and Cleo.

    • She’s such a good old dog, but 15 is close to the limit for a Golden, even a healthy one…we’re just glad for all the days we have left with her. As long as she can still chase rabbits, her life is good πŸ™‚

  5. Glad to hear tummies are healing, bones are on the mend, and new schedules are working out. It really was a rough month, wasn’t it! Hoping for a better May. We’re into strep, an ear infection, and allergies. Our payback for a peaceful winter.

    • Ugh – a triple-threat of your own! May *has* to be better…if the sun will just come out to play. Angel told me yesterday that she was “just so TIRED of wearing her coat…”
      We all are, Kiddo…we ALL are.

  6. So glad that lovely Cleo has another recharge in her batteries. She’s so pretty and dependably charming! At her apparent age, all the better to treasure whatever rebounds she has left in her.

    The more so, for Miss Angel Face! What a disastrous month for all of you; I’m more than glad you got through and are on the other side of being, respectively, near death or horribly sick or broken in pieces!!!

    Healing hugs to all!

  7. Oh, dear. Adventure-packed dramas are better left for the silver screen, aren’t they? Glad to hear the crises have all passed.

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