Spring May Be Late, But It’s Finally Here!

tiny bulbs

And everything is rushing into bloom!

Bare branches and daffs

The barn swallows and humming birds have returned from the Southern Reaches. The sky is blue, the breeze is light.

honey bee

The honey bees are awake and hungry.

I have plenty of dandelions for them!

weeping cherry

The weeping cherry is putting on its best show in years. This tree was nearly given up for dead about 5 years ago when most of its crown died. A hard pruning and some patience, and it’s back in good form!

more daffs

When I moved in with Hubby, I inherited all these daffodils. There are at least a dozen varieties, but I don’t know their names…I just love them all!

do you know me?

Not sure of the name of this one either…but I love it too…



Asparagus for dinner!

Doesn’t get any springy-er than that!


33 thoughts on “Spring May Be Late, But It’s Finally Here!

  1. Oh, wonderful to see! What lovely photos:you have really captured the flowers of the season! I’ve been watching my asparagus bed closely, but so far nothing here in northern Michigan.

  2. Oh! Oh! How beautiful!! I so love daffodils and can’t wait for the few weeping cherries in my neighbourhood to bloom about five months from now! But I really envy you for those beautiful asparagus spears popping out of the soil . . . they never look like that on the supermarket shelves!! After that wicked winter, do enjoy!!!!

  3. Oh yes! You sure do have spring. And we are galloping along behind. Your flowers are gorgeous, wonderful that the bees have come too.. take care.. c

  4. Now isn’t that nice to see? You’ve so many lovely Spring blooms. They’ll help to erase the memory of that nasty Winter. Love to see that your asparagus is breaking ground. We’re behind you and a wind off The Lake is keeping us cool. It shifts tomorrow and we’ll be in the 70s — until the next wind shift.

  5. Welcome, Spring!

    The scilla is really pretty. I have the usual, dark blue kind — didn’t know it came in white.

  6. Your yard has to be beautiful with everything in bloom. Oh and fresh asparagus fresh from the garden…it doesn’t get much better than that.

  7. Spring glories!! Love the asparagus, of course. But oh, my, the blooms. Oh, MY! The little blue beauties, I see, have already been identified for you. One of those spring sweethearts of which I’ve long been a fan. Saaaay, that’d be a good description of you, too, wouldn’t itβ€”but not strictly for one season!! πŸ˜€
    Xoxo, and wishes for a full year of Happy Mother’s Day joys; you’ve more than earned it, I say. πŸ™‚

  8. Gosh your spring is late ……in my head it is ….. I always thought our springs were pretty similar but ours is gone now and we’re into late spring /early summer in the gardens, the bluebells were fab a couple of weeks ago and now we have that gap . In the meantime I can feel your excitement of Spring’s arrival

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