One Fine Day

Iris in the garden

It finally happened…we had a truly warm day last week. The lilacs and irises were in full bloom, the breeze was gentle-to-still…

Spiderman Comes to Visit

And Spider Man came to our house to play.

sprinkler day!



The weather didn’t last for long – the last three nights have been in the low-40’s. Can’t believe it’s nearly June…

THIS way!

It’ll be hot, soon enough, but until then…

Gotcha!We’ll remember one truly fine day…

(Big computer still not fixed…trying to see if I can survive with just the old laptop for a while…Laptop now has virus, may be in its death throes…can’t win, eh? Will post when I can 😦 )


25 thoughts on “One Fine Day

  1. It looks like they had a great time. OUr weather has been funny too, no autumn really. I am glad it is getting warmer there, from what I heard you had a horrible winter.

  2. What fun! And how they are growing!! Am convinced they will subconsciously remember those laughter periods way later in life . . . Smart ‘grownup’ togs for Niko’s summer also . . . .

  3. What have you been feeding those kids? They have grown and changed so much! That Spiderman sprinkler is epic. Glad you got at least one day of sunshine and warmth.

  4. I remember those simple and fine days that a sprinkler could provide for two laughing children. They look like they were having a ball. Here’s to more fun days with the sprinkler and to a magic healing for your computers. I had to cry uncle a few months back and just buy a new one. 🙂

  5. The fine days make all the dull ones worthwhile – well maybe, just so long as there aren’t too many dull days in between the good ones. Your photos have me smiling, it’s great to see Angel and Niko having so much fun.

  6. How miserable that you are still so cold. we are sitting about in the high eighties with 50’s at night and it is like heaven.. surely the warm weather will come for you soon. Love watching kids play in water.. wonderful.. c

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