Niko and Angel’s Excellent (Almost!) Smmertime Adventures: Pool Party

Rainy Day

Sometime, you make a promise, and Mother Nature vetoes it…

On Monday, Angel really wanted to stay at school for lunch. That’s not usually a problem, but this week picking her up late would have been difficult.

“Tell you what,” I said. “Come home for lunch, and we’ll go play in the sprinkler right after.” It was 70F by 8 am, and the forecast rain wasn’t supposed to arrive until evening.

She agreed.

On the way home from school at 11:30, the first fat raindrops splashed on the windshield.

“It’ll stop.” She said, with the confidence of a girl who was not about to let her plans get ruined.

It didn’t. Her lip trembled. We were approaching a Nuclear Meltdown…

Think fast, Grandmom!

Indoor Pool Party!

“Go put on your swimsuits,” I told them. “We’re having an indoor pool party!”

Beachtowel "pools"

The blue beach towels were spread out in the floor to be Swimming Pools. (Angel’s idea)

I blew up the beach ball. (Niko’s idea)

beach bum

Crisis averted.

beach babeAwesome photo-op taken!

(Thursday was their last day of school for the year…let the REAL Adventures begin!)



34 thoughts on “Niko and Angel’s Excellent (Almost!) Smmertime Adventures: Pool Party

    • Indeed it was…enjoyed your photos from your visit with your grandkids, just didn’t get a chance to tell you. The big computer is dead, and I find I don’t really like working on the laptop for extended periods…Looks like you had an awesome time!

  1. Priceless photos and two wonderful children who, without doubt, have inherited their imagination and sense of fun from you 🙂 !!

    • One hopes 🙂
      I call them My Writer – Angel, who narrates her games in the third person – and My Actor – Niko acts out his dialog, doing all the parts in different voices…I love just sitting and listening 🙂

    • The first Monday of the summer holidays, and they’re both up by 5:15….Can you believe it?
      Angel is terrified of the swimming pool, but loves the beach…Soon as the water warms up a bit, we’re going to have some lessons. Never had a child who was scared of the water – mine seem to have been born knowing how to swim. This is new territory…

      • Little one is growing like a beautiful weed 🙂 We’re doing ok. Weathering the fussy hours and soaking in the smiling ones. Still not sure when dishes fit into the schedule, but we’ll get there when we do 😉

          • Haha. Good advice! They compost, right? 😉
            He says it was. I made him waffles and such. He had nice steaks to grill. The kiddo made silly faces and pulled off his glasses 🙂

  2. Who needs sun and sand when you have cool swimsuits and sunglasses and cuteness galore??? 😀 Old Auntie Kat is looking forward to meeting the little bathing beauty, too. 😉

    • She is SO excited about her first plane ride! Grandad ordered her an orange suitcase that arrived yesterday – she wants to pack it NOW. 🙂
      Niko doesn’t want us to go…he told his Mommy that he thinks we’ll get lost in Texas.
      And he wants to come, too…

      • Of course he does! Safe to say his time will come, and soon enough. 🙂 Yeah, one *can* get lost in TX. Tell Niko I promise to do my best to keep you on track and send you home in fine fettle! 😉

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