Because Celi Asked…

Morgage lifter

Happy Independence Day! Though we’ll have no fireworks around these parts tonight, what with Hurricane (Tropical Storm, by the time it gets to us) Arthur being such a party-pooper and all…

Amish Paste

Sometime last week, while I was traveling (and dealing with on-the-road sometimes-internet) Celi wrote about the Great Tomato Race that her husband and Mother-in-Law have every year, each trying to have big, red tomatoes for the 4th of July. She asked everyone to post their tomato pictures to share….

So here are mine. As you can see, we’re not to the Red Ripe stage yet…but not as far away as I would have thought.


Looks like Angel’s beloved Sun Gold’s will be the first to grace the table….if they make it out of the garden, that is!

Have a safe, happy and delicious 4th! Back tomorrow with a ‘real’ post.

I hope.


14 thoughts on “Because Celi Asked…

  1. Your tomatoes are beautiful! We’ve had two red tomatoes so far. The rest are lagging behind, but when they do ripen, we’ll be overwhelmed with them. It’s been a good year for the tomatoes. Not so great for the peppers. I suspect the rabbits feasted on the flowers. Our brush with Arthur was mild, and the sun is out now. I hope it’s the same for you. Happy 4th of July, Marie! 🙂

  2. Do hope you had a decent 4th! Got quite a shock viewing the monster on our evening news last night 😦 ! Boo!!!! Thanks God, it was only Cat 2 and now seems to have weakened further – but sorry for the kids about the fireworks!! Those tomatoes may be green, but they do look big and healthy . . . enjoy . . .

  3. The tomatoes look great! Mine are barely even forming 🙂
    I can’t get the kids to eat the sun golds… not even my brave daughter will touch them, although she has no problem stuffing them in my mouth!

  4. John won the race but you have beaten the mother in law, hers got lost in the weeds while she was away. You are going to be having a tomato feast very soon! Wonderful tomatoes.. c

  5. Hope you’ve had lots of tomatoes, Sungold and otherwise, by now! I’ve missed you so much, Marie! Now that our various summer travels are done, the school year and church year are officially started, and our Fall housemate settled in, I can at last start catching up with a few things, like visiting *here* again. Yay! Much love to all of you!!

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