The ABC’s of Summer: E, F, G and H

eveningE is for evening…

Nothing like a long, warm summer evening…

Favorite Flowers

F is for flowers…the orange is Niko’s favorite.

first fruit

F is also for fruit…and first…and fallen.

You’ll be seeing many more apples soon – the tree loaded.


G is for grapes…still green, but ripening soon to amber.

hummer 1

And H…

hummer 2

is for…

hummer 3




24 thoughts on “The ABC’s of Summer: E, F, G and H

  1. and G like GiroglΓ©es in French : are they in flowers ?
    in Paris, it is already the autumn : yesterday, I walked in the garden Luxembourg, the trees have already the leaves are green, gold and Brown : beautiful but early………..

  2. [smiling] E surely is for ‘evening’ . . . and it is also for ‘Eha’ which aptly does mean ‘the last light of day’ . . . . lovely photos of a summer not too far away for us now . . . I do love the look of the hummingbird: methinks we do not have them here . . .

    • That’s one bold little bird – she flies right down into my face and STUDIES me! The only one of the bunch this year that will let me take her photo – all the others take off when the camera comes out.

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