We Interrupt Our Alphabet For…

ladybug party!

A birthday party!

Ladybug Girl is 5!

Happy 5th birthday to Angel!

Or should I call you Ladybug?


39 thoughts on “We Interrupt Our Alphabet For…

  1. I can’t believe she is 5 already, it seems only yesterday that she arrived at your house. How long has it been?

    I have been reading what you have been up to and see you are moving to Texas, what a massive move, it will be a whole new place, a whole new garden. How exciting for you and everyone.

    • I know – when did she get so big? It’ll be three years in December since she came to live with us…sometimes it’s hard to believe she was such a timid little waif back then!

      Yes…Texas. A whole new world! But, the people are wonderful, and I’ll have a pool to help beat the heat. Plus, no more plowing the snow!
      (It DOES snow there, you know…it just doesn’t hang around for weeks at a time!)

  2. FIVE ALREADY! My goodness. “Happy birthday Angel girl. You bring us all such happiness watching you grow so fast and with such a Beeeauuutiful smile”.. love miss c

  3. Angel!!! You look ‘bootifuls’!! A big kiss for your 5th all the way from Australia . . . . wish I had a cuddly koala handy to put in your lap for a giggle and a hug!! I just love ladybugs too!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ladybuuuugs! What fun! Happy birthday to Angel! This is a big one: no longer a toddler or preschooler, you are an official Kid when you turn 5.

    • Yes…the Skittles.
      Those were a gift from her Favorite Uncle. She had this *intense* conversation with him about them a few weeks back:
      “Uncle James, I know what I want you to give me for my birthday…There’s this candy I had at school – it’s bright colors and it’s chewy and tastes like fruit. They’re called “Skittles.” Have you heard of them?”
      I was about to fall out of the chair laughing….
      He came through, with a huge bag…we’ll be eating Skittles ’til Halloween 🙂

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