The ABC’s of Summer: I, J, K and L

ice cream!

I is for Ice Cream…

We tried to make that Ice-Cream-in-a-bag recipe that was making the rounds last month, but everyone lost interest before it was done, so it became Milkshake-in-a-bag.

We went out for the real ice cream.

J is for junk…

No photo.

My life is full-up with junk right now, and I don’t need a visual record of the dumpster…


K is for Kiddos.

kiddos 2

kiddos 3

Working hard at being kids.

And L…

lilies 2014

Is for Lily…

I’m going to miss this flower…


21 thoughts on “The ABC’s of Summer: I, J, K and L

    • I’ll just replace those – Stargazer bulbs are common enough.
      While I’m not planning on bringing any of the plants from this garden, I *am* going to get the peonies from my Mother’s house – they came from my great-grandmother’s garden 🙂

  1. Nice lily! In our neck of the woods, people miss those flowers before they ever bloom because lily buds are a popular deer candy.

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