The ABC’s of Summer: M, N, O, and P

Misty Morning 1

M is for Misty Mornings…

misty morning 2

We have them throughout the summer, not just now, as the season is ending.

It’s a coastal thing…

Angel and friend

N is for Nature,

Angel's pal

and the chance to study it up-close.

kids' garden

O is for Orange…

Grandmom's orange

the predominant color in our late-summer beds.

Breakfast at the beach09

And P is for Picnic.

For breakfast.

At the beach…


19 thoughts on “The ABC’s of Summer: M, N, O, and P

  1. Wonderful pictures, like all the time !
    For O : are they the giroflΓ©es on the right : orange flowers ?
    Here, the indian summer will be there the next week : it is what they say…….

  2. Yes, John Keats’ “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” doesn’t really distinguish autumn from summer along the upper eastern seaboard, does it? Nice pix.

  3. I hope you won’t miss the beach too much when you move. I bet there will be other attractions that will become family rituals. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

    • We don’t really go to the beach that often…I always thought I would spend loads of time there, but I suppose I’m more of a mountains-and-woods girl. I’ll have trees and walking trails and lakes in Texas, so we should be good πŸ™‚

  4. Picnics are absolutely at their best when enjoyed outside of the expected hours and seasons and places. Probably my favorite was an after-dark one under a lamppost with my college roommate in falling snow; we bundled up ourselves and our hot dinner (no doubt packaged mac & cheese and hot baked brownies, knowing how grrr-may we were in the day) and spread out a thick blanket to kneel on as the sparkling white flakes drifted down around us and the sculpture the lamp was lighting. I remember feeling almost giddy, like we were at the entrance to Narnia or something. Your beach-breakfast version looks equally idyllic. I’ll put that on my list of to-do adventures!

    Love that first photo, too. Simply gorgeous, and peaceful as can be.


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