The ABC’s of Summer: Q, R, S, T and U

under the apple tree

Q is for Quiet.

Lying under the apple tree quiet…

early morning

Early morning quiet…

(If you don’t get up early around here, there is no quiet…)

ugh. Rabbit

R is for rabbit.

A plague upon the land this summer…

fennel seeds

S is for seeds.

Fennel seeds, for baking in the winter. Or tea…they make a tasty tea!

nigella seed pod

Nigella seed pods, for scattering everywhere.


T is for tomatoes…

That’s a basket full of summer, right there…

Uncle Ollie plays Trains

U is for Uncles.

Uncle Ollie came for a visit, and played trains.

Uncle James, bearing gifts

Uncle James stopped by to deliver a birthday gift…


Exactly what she asked him for!


10 thoughts on “The ABC’s of Summer: Q, R, S, T and U

    • The grandkids are so lucky…a visit from one of the Uncles is like Christmas. James couldn’t get the day off for Angel’s birthday party, so he came over and spent the afternoon with her – a much better present than the skittles πŸ™‚

    • She had this intense conversation with him at lunch, several weeks earlier – “Uncle James, I know what I want you to give me for my birthday. I had them at school – these little round, chewy candies that taste like fruit. They’re called *Skittles* – have you heard of them?” It was priceless! He came through for her, as he always does πŸ™‚

  1. Beloved Uncles are a fabulous Unction in any season.

    And cute bunnies sure can be pests! I’ve only ever made rabbit stew once, but it was very tasty. I hear they make an outstanding confit, and I don’t mean when you train a rabbit to wear a toque and pot his cousins. πŸ˜‰

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