A Quick Update, and Some Halloween Cuties



Have you all given up on ever hearing from me again?


Life is busy in the extreme, getting ready for the move, but I couldn’t let my Favorite Holiday get completely in the rearview mirror without saying “hi”.


I also promised my mother I would get these up… Sorry about the red-eye, no time to edit…

The move is progressing, just like the school year… Sometimes too fast, and other times, waaaaay too slow. I’ve thrown out or donated a mountain of stuff, with still more things to sort. We’ll get there!

And, here’s something you don’t see every day…



As a pirate.


Take care, everyone! I miss you all!


14 thoughts on “A Quick Update, and Some Halloween Cuties

  1. Would you believe you were the last conscious thought in my head ere I dozed off last night! Wondering how you all were!!!! Thank you for a brief update . . . we’ll wait patiently, all of us having been ‘there’ before! The kids HAVE grown!! And, Milady, you make a very ‘handsome’ pirate!! Thanks πŸ™‚ !

  2. Thank you SO much!! I love the pictures, all of them. I’ll get them in Niko’s book very soon. They are wonderful kids!! Thanks again for the great pictures!!

  3. Goodness those kiddo’s have grown – yuughh I used to hate moving. Looking forward to seeing new home all setup and settled. Laura

  4. Arrrrgggghhhhh me hearty!
    your timing is perfect for my catching up with my blogging buddies. Good to see and hear all your news.
    On a pirate note, did you know that Hastings holds the world record for the number of people dressed as pirates? You do now! And yes I have a pirate costume πŸ™‚

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