I Think We’re Ready….

The Tree

At least, I hope we are…

We have a tree…

Angel Decorates

Everyone helped decorate it.

Niko Decorates

We had help from Our Very Tall Friend…

Niko's Helper

Thanks, TD.

We’ve had our Christmas Show…

Niko Sings


With lots of singing


And snowmen…er, girls…


V__093D (2)

We just have to wait for Santa!

Merry Christmas to all!



27 thoughts on “I Think We’re Ready….

  1. Wonderful to hear from you Marie and wonderful to see you are all ready for Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to you all. It is Christmas morning here and we are waiting for the house to wake us.

    Take care.

      • Yep—wildly busy until Xmas Eve and muuuuuch quieter since. If you don’t count our having finally gotten down to serious biz on the housecleaning that’s been left untouched forever while we were so caught up in the outside commitments. (And I know you don’t know *anything* about THAT sort of stuff. 😉 )

        Hope all goes super smoothly with the big transition! What a great way to start off a year. 😀


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