Saying Goodbye

Angel and Miss SophiePro

We’ve said a lot of goodbyes in the last few weeks… Our beloved babysitter Sophie came over on New Year’s Day…


Niko wouldn’t let her leave…

Angel and Uncle

Uncle James came over before Angel left to join Grandad in Texas. She had a great first week of school, from what I’ve heard. Niko misses her, and is Not Happy that we are driving instead of flying. When I told him it wouldn’t be good for his dog to ride on a plane, he answered, “YOU drive Rufus, Grandmom! Mommy and I will FLY…”

Nope. Not Happening.

Tom and Niko

We had our last Sunday Lunch at the brewery, a staple of my life for nearly 10 years. The kids have ALWAYS had lunch with Tom on Sundays…

He’s been a surrogate uncle and an awesome friend for a long time…

One other goodbye to share, the saddest of all…

Niko sings to Cleo

Our Sweet Cleo left us last Thursday. She let me know it was time… We were lucky to have her, and will miss her greatly.

Now, as I write this, the packers are scurrying around my house, boxing up our lives. We have a few more days left on the Island, a few more friends to hug, a few more tears to shed.

Then, the Adventure will really begin.


32 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Sorry to heat about Cleo, she was a sweet old girl…
    Love and Safe Travel sis; I have to believe that this will be easier than the Orlando exodus of so many years ago, if not at least a bit quieter


  2. Wow, I know it isn’t good bye to us, but in some ways it feels as though it is. I suppose “my Little Corner of Rhode Island” is gone now. What will it become in the future?
    sorry to hear about Cleo, good that you knew it was her time, I hope we can do the same for our cat.

    Well I am looking forward to hearing more about your travels and adventures in the your new place.

      • Sounds good, or maybe “Getting to Know the Texan Sky” or “my little corner of Texas” Haha, you will think of something. I am really looking forward to your adventure. πŸ˜€
        Did you hear I’m coming to the states this year? Was going to be in April, but looks more likely September now, but I am only going to San Francisco and New York city. Shame Texas is right out of the way.

        • No, I didn’t! I’ve not read much of anything for the last 3 months, sadly…ever since Hubby went to Texas in October, I’ve just been swamped… Very sad…if I was still in Rhode Island, I’d have taken the train to New York to see you! Another time, I’m sure!

  3. Bless your Sweet Cleo. I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope Niko handles the trip well. I always found preschoolers to be stimulating road trip companions. Best of luck! See you when you get to Texas!

  4. From reading your blog it sounded like Cleo was a grand dog, so sorry to hear that she’s gone.
    As for your move to Texas – how far is it you’re driving? That’s going to be some road trip with Rufus and Nico aboard! Hope It all goes well,,, looking forward to hearing about your adventure when the dust settles and you get a chance to post some photos.

    • 1750 miles…no idea what that is in kilometers…but it’ll take about 27 hours of actual driving time. We’ll spread it over 3 days. Taking 2 cars, so Rufus and Niko can switch when they get bored. πŸ™‚

  5. Keeping fingers and toes crossed all the mishaps will be small ones and that the journey will become an adventure . . . hmmm: with Rufus on board you’ll have to have eyes at the back of your head πŸ™‚ ! Take it slowly . . . hour by hour! . . . . sweet Cleo is in a better place as they say . . . sorry . . . .

  6. I’m sorry for all of the goodbyes, not least of all with dear Cleo. So sweet that she knew your family’s love for all of those beautiful years together, and that you gave her the ultimate parting gift of lovingkindness.

    I wish for all of you such joyful and rich transplantation to your new home and life that you will be soothed and comforted in your losses and find new happiness to add to all of these wonderful connections you already have. They, of course, will travel along in your hearts wherever you go.

    Safe travels! πŸ™‚

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