The 2011 harvest has begun!

Here’s what’s been ‘put up’ for winter:

Cherry-Walnut Relish – 6 (4 oz.) jars

Honey-Bourbon Pickled Blueberries – 6 half-pint jars

Spicy Garlic Dill Pickles: 8 pints

Sweet Pickles with Cinnamon: 6 pints (plus a bowl of refrigerator pickles. Found out after the fact that the brine/syrup would have done 8 pints. Live and learn…)

Cornichons: 3 half-pints

Plain tomato sauce: 14 pints

Frozen beans: 3 10 oz. bags

Corn Salsa: 5 pints

Sweet Onion Jam: 6 4oz. jars. (But I already ate one…)

Tomato-basil jam: 4 half-pints

5 thoughts on “Preserved

  1. Impressive! Thanks for the inspiration Marie, and here’s to even more bounty this year 2013. Although it’s not just about the bounty – it’s about the storing of the bounty, and you inspire me. Cheers! ~Gina

    • Hi, Gina! I *do* love to ‘put up’ the harvest as much as I can. With the unexpected addition of our three-year-old granddaughter to the household last year, I got exactly ONE thing canned…But next summer should be better!
      Glad you’re here – welcome!

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